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sunny and 70 degrees

I think the weather that even possible? This morning I stepped out of my house and I said to myself: "It's cool! It's September."

Yesterday I cracked Splooge's ribcage. That's our dog's name in anatomy because he leaves a giant puddle of liquid around his feet where ever he goes. It definitely made me laugh on the exam. Oh yea, my first anatomy exam went alright...I got an 83%, which is not terrible, but not very good either. I think I'm mildly upset because I know that I can do better.

I need to start getting ready for school. This week 's classes are seriously cut down because we have to somewhat serious exams: Cell Bio and Histology.

Oh - and Jonny is back to baking and cooking again. :) Yesterday I had broiled tilapia stuffed with crab. I <3 Jon's cooking.
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