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Hello livejournal world!

Yesterday night I went to a vet school party - it was Ian's birthday, so I stopped by to say hello. Jon is sick with some sort of bronchitis-like disease so it was hard to convince him to let me out of the house, but I went anyway. It made me regret not going to other social events - everyone was so surprised to see me and happy too, as I might add. I even got hit on multiple times, which was sort of strange because I spend a lot of my time with these guys. Now I feel like if I pick up a conversation with the single boys, they are just going to be picturing me naked. I think I'm awkward around these situations because I've been out of the game for so long, that I picture myself as undersirable except for Jonny. Not that I have low self esteem - it's just that I don't care about dressing up or looking fancy or acting a fool. So I guess I'm always taken aback when I found out that someone wants desperately to sleep with me.

Also, it's nice to think that I'm appreciated by my fellow peers. I wouldn't say that I have to be liked, but it's just nice to know.
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